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Yuyan Bao's workyuyan-baoProjects of Yuyan Bao
Work with GidongidonIt is a shared project with Gidon.
VerilyverilyInteraction-oriented programming work
tex-includetex-includeBibliography files, LaTeX and TeX macros for use by Gary T. Leavens, students, and collaborators. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute.
Temporal Logic Extension to JMLtemporaljmlA description of temporaljmlc, a tool built on top of jmlc, that allows specification of temporal properties and checks the same at runtime.
temporal logic based spec. lang proposaltjmlproposalA temporal logic based specification language that allows writing both functional and control properties of software
Survey of Specification LangaugesspeclangsurveyThis project is writing a paper for ACM Computing Surveys on Specification Languages.
SpeklspeklSpecifications, Static checkers, Runtime Assertion Checkers, and SMT-solvers — these tools can be used to make your software better. However, getting them to work together is often difficult and error-prone. Spekl is a platform for streamlining the process of authoring, installing, and using specifications and formal methods tools.
Specification Language ResearchspecsresearchResearch done by those collaborating with Gary T. Leavens at the University of Central Florida.
SAVCBS workshop web pagessavcbsWeb pages for the SAVCBS workshop web site.
Safety Critical JMLscjmlJML Extension incorporating new constructs to facilitate specification of safety critical properties
Real-Time-Java-Proposalrtjava_proposalNSF Proposal on Real-Time Java formal methods.
Programming Languages Education Boardpl-eduWriting drafts for the ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Education Board.
Programming Languages Curriculum: WhatplcwhatWriting group for the Programming Languages Curriculum effort focused on describing "what should be taught".
Program Analysis DemosproganalysisDemonstrations of tools for Program Analysis
Jose Sanchez's Workjose-sanchezWork by Jose Sanchez with other group members.
JML BenchmarksbenchmarksThis projects implements benchmark examples in JML. The benchmarks is in the paper by Weide et al. in VSTTE 2008, "incremantal benchmarks for software verification tools and techniques." (LNCS vol 5295, pages 84-98, Springer-Verlag, 2008).
Java Semantic Clone TrackerjssctrackerResearch on Java Semantic Clones
Grey Box Specificationsgreybox-specsGrey Box Specifications
Ghaith and Gary's Shared Projectsshared-projectsResearch shared between Ghaith Haddad and Gary Leavens
Foundations of Aspect-Oriented LanguagesfoalCollaboration on proposals and website of the FOAL workshop
Formal Methods Lab Web PagesfmlWeb pages for the Formal Methods Lab
flowspecsflowspecsNSF grant on information flow for Android apps
EvidentlyevidentlyEvidently Policy Language (EPL)
Core JMLcorejmlCollaborative research on the semantics of JML using PVS
cheng-weicheng-weiJoint work with Cheng Wei
Aspects and JML including AjmlcajmlResearch on the use of aspect technology to do runtime checking for JML.
Academic-Program-ReviewaprThis project contains materials for state-mandated academic program review (APR) for the CS division.

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